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Borneo Jungle Girl

Borneo Jungle Girl was founded in the year 1986 and obtained the operation permit from the Sabah Forestry Department in 2006 for tourism, education and conservation on entomology. The objective behind Borneo Jungle Girl is to nurture and enhance a respect for nature through direct contact with insects, particularly for children as well. During peak season, over 5,000 species of insects can be recorded at the site.

Borneo Jungle Girl is more than just a tourist attraction; it's a camp for recreation, education and scientific research! With decades of experience in entomology, the founders believe that Nuluhon Trus Madi forest is the most ideal location for entomology studies and entotourism. The camp has been an academic destination for overseas students such as Japan and China, as well as local tourists.

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An FMU10 Reserve Forest?

Borneo Jungle Girl is located within the conservation of Forest Management Units (FMU 10) Class I Forest Reserve area. FMU 10 is a forest conservation area classified as a Class 1 Forest Reserve consisting of three forest reserves namely Nuluhon Trus Madi Forest Reserve, Nuluhon Trus Madi (Extension) and Kiluyu River Forest Reserve.

Class I Forest Reserve is the State Government initiatives which set the framework and law for forest management sustainability, protected by law from any form of land conversion or timber exploitation. Thus, maintenance of forest essential whether climatic or physical, are conserved primarily for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

With an occupancy rate of 12,233 hectare in the reserve, Borneo Jungle Girl shares the same passion and effort in conservation and sustainability while promoting eco-tourism.

So for the visitors, worry no more, you will be seeing your favourite insects flora and fauna in their conserved natural habitat!

How far is Borneo Jungle Girl?

Standing at 1,170m above sea level, this highland tour offers you phenomenal experiences where you could enjoy and observe the natural habitats of the insects in a chilling environment. To get here, it is about 4 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu City or 27 Kilometres from Keningau Town. A combination of 2 hours drive from city centre before switching to 2 hours 4WD vehicle for an adventurous bumpy ride.

How about the children? Will they enjoy it?

Will they enjoy it? Bugs are cool, and kids know it! Borneo Jungle Girl is the perfect spot to encourage our budding naturalists to "nature watch", and learn about insects. Young bug enthusiasts can satisfy their curiosity and experience a unique chance to learn about the influence of insects on humans and the environment.

During the trip, young campers could learn insect identification and their habitats. Children and parents could look and listen to observe what is happening around them while enjoying the fresh scents of nature.

What are you waiting for?

It's time to explore and get to know more about micro-life! Perhaps after this trip, Trus Madi Entomology Camp will become one of the favorite spot to relax.