What You Can See?

Borneo Jungle Girl houses more than 10,000 species of insects and 10,000 species of moth in 9 families. It is also abundant with myriad species of flora and fauna such as sub-montane orchid, pitcher plants, more than 50 kinds of mammal species and more! There's a lot more to offer for birds enthusiasts. Enjoy the scenery and experience bird-watching during your free time with more than 120 species of birds.

Must See Insects!

The Giant Beetle Of The Night
Three Horn Beetle
(Chalcosoma moellenkampi, Endemic To Borneo)
The Shinning Star Of The Day
Flower Chafer
(Pseudochacothea auripes, Endemic to Borneo)
The Night-Winged Beauty
Moon Moth
(Actias maenas)
What You Can See


Other Must See Flora, Fauna & Sights!

Our Friendly Hungry Neighbours
Camera Friendly Bird Of Prey
The Midnight View
Milky Ways
The Plant That Stares Back
Nepenthes Reinwardtiana
The First Ray Of Sunlight
The Blossom Of The Evening
What You Can See